Career Path

Motion Designer

Company Name : SEP Films
Dates of employment : oct. 2006 – Today | Duration of employment : + of 10 years
Place Le Cannet

Creation of commercials in cinema. Verification of customer files: Dashboard - Order forms. Production Brief: Communication and Advertising Law. Planning and time management. Prices / quote


Company Name : Chesem Photos
Dates of employment : june 2012 – march 2015 | Duration of employment : 2 years et 10 months
Place Grasse


Communication Manager

Dates of employment : august 2005 – January 2006 | Duration of employment : 6 months

Creation of the 3 websites and support of the company's visual identity in various multimedia media. Technical drawings in 3D. Internship on the Solaires Clipsol panel in Aix Les Bains.


I realized local advertisements in the cinema in more than 600 cinemas in France since 2004 and with the professional expertise acquired during my various productions, I was able to put forward various products such as for example different car dealers and work with Of the headquarters of major national brands. The product of local advertising in the cinema, requires to condense the information for which are retained in a short time during the broadcasts in theaters. As a Motion Designer, I am able to respect the graphic charts and to adapt an animated product in the continuity of a uniform communication of a customer whatever his activity.
I have been self-entrepreneur photographer under the sign Chesem Photos for two years seeking to know the difficulties of a self-employed creative, declaring and terminating my micro-business. This activity remains a passion and I only practice it as an amateur.